2020 | acousmatic
the piece's primary sound source is the ARP 2600, a subtractive synthesizer that i had been experimenting with for the past few years. after deconstructing and processing the sounds created with the ARP, i superimposed them with other heterogeneous sounds, including vocal and plastic sounds, and compressed them together into complex sound conglomerations


✣ selected work - MA/IN (Matera Intermedia festival) 2022 | Leece, IT

✣ selected work - SOUND SPACES festival 2022 acousmatic category | Malmö, SE

✣ selected work (listening room) - ICMC (International Computer Music Conference) 2021 | Santiago, CL

✣ selected work - NYCEMF (New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival) 2020 | New York City, NY

Non-Event At Home: Program 34 2020 | Boston, MA

contact ni

✣ email: nizheng27(at)gmail(dot)com