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ni zheng (b. 1997, cn) is a sound artist and composer of electroacoustic music, creating sonic rituals that conjure the erotic and poetics of the body and muse on the carnality and grotesque of the flesh. her practice calls for a descent into untamed territory, dwelling in and listening intently to the swampy pool of undead, uncivilized feelings and emotions she considers her reserve, and exorcising raw impulses, negativity, rage, messiness as a libation and a tactic against all forms of domestication. 

ni is devoted to celebrating and catalyzing mystical state of ecstatic communication with both fellow humans and non-humans, she surrenders herself unconditionally to deviant and altered states of knowledge — intimate, sensual, relational, and immanent — in encounters with the other, the sacred, occulted, and chthonic realms of nature and the land she inhabits.

her mediums of communication includes vocal performance that is visceral, feral, and atavistic, as well as sounds gathered through field recordings during visits to desolate and ravaged locations, and a fusion of electronic and acoustic instruments.

she currently lives in san diego, california attending a phd program in music composition at uc san diego.

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